Travel: Washington, D.C. // Spring Break 2016 / by Ian Michelman

Washington, D.C. was an absolute dream! It is hands down the cleanest and most beautiful city I've ever been to! I've had my eyes on this city for a little while now, and finally visiting for the first time over this past spring break reinforced my desire to live there one day. It's rich with history and there's a sight to be seen everywhere you go. The monuments/ memorials are as epic as they are in the shows (shoutout to Shonda Rhimes). I was especially interested in the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument, however the entire National Mall was incredible!

Some fun things we got to do while we were there:
- Toured the White House
- Toured the U.S. Capitol
- Visited the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
- Visited the Holocaust Museum (the most impactful experience I've had on any trip to date)
- Visited Arlington National Cemetery
- Finally tried Chipotle's ShopHouse
- Ate a lot of delicious food at local restaurants
- Took a short two day trip to Mineral, Virginia and stayed on Lake Anna

Seriously, if you haven't made it up to Washington, D.C., stop holding out. It is as amazing as you think it is! Here's just a few pictures from my trip: