Portrait: Amanda // Whataburger by Ian Michelman

Have any of you guys seen those really awesome Target photos circling around the internet? It's this newer thing I've been seeing a lot in the photography community and I really love the challenge of trying to make beautiful photos in average and mundane places. As tempting as it was to try the Target photos myself, I decided to do something a little different. So, Amanda and I visited the local Whataburger and did our thing. We got a ton of weird looks, but it was totally worth it!

Portrait: Kaitlyn // Graduation Headshots by Ian Michelman

This session was too much fun. I can't get over Kaitlyn's badass aesthetic in these photos! She really killed the game and I'm stoked we were able to find some time during the hectic end of semester rush to get some dope photos in. Anyone else feel a Wednesday Adams vibe going on here?! Congrats on graduation, Kaitlyn!