J R Alford Greenway

Lifestyle: J. R. Alford Greenway Picnic // Tallahassee, Florida 2016 by Ian Michelman

For Christmas this year, my sister got Carina and I a super thoughtful picnic "kit" complete with a basket, blanket, two mason jars, and a Publix gift card to shove food in our face (the best part). We decided to take advantage of the long weekend by driving out to the Greenway, which is definitely my favorite place to explore in Tallahassee! We set up under some trees, ate some delicious Pub subs, and then struggled for about an hour to take pics. Taking pictures of Carina is SO easy, but add my strange face into the mix while using a couple of shoes to prop up the camera, and things get a bit more challenging.

If you haven't made your way out to the Greenway, definitely dedicate a day to it! There's a few different trails you can walk and the scenery is so peaceful. I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!